31 Day Days of Servers in the Cloud: Windows Azure IaaS and You

I am a bit late getting this post out, but I guess better late than never.

My fellow IT evangelists and I decided it would make sense to do a 31 day blog series during the month of January on Windows Azure IaaS.  Each day, one of the team members will post an article on a topic that is related to Windows Azure IaaS.

Azure IAAS Overview
Is a Microsoft Service that provides Virtual Machines running Windows or Linux. You manage these Virtual Machines just as you would your servers running in-house. You load software just as you do on your own machines, you patch just as you do your own machines, the big difference is that you pays as you go for this service. Currently Azure IAAS is in Customer Technology Preview (Beta) so it is a good time to learn and understand what is offered here.

Here is the list for the Azure Series:

I will update it regularly as each new post goes live.

Day Author Blog Post Link
1 Matt Windows Azure IaaS and You (Part 1 of 31)
2 Tommy Building Free Lab VMs in the Microsoft Cloud (Part 2 of 31)
3 Tommy Supported Virtual Machine Operating Systems in the Microsoft Cloud (Part 3 of 31)
4 Matt Servers Talking in the Cloud (Part 4 of 31)
5 Kevin Move a local VM to the Cloud (Part 5 of 31)
6 Yung Windows Azure Features Overview (Part 6 of 31)
7 Keith

Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Lab in the Cloud with Windows Azure (Part 7 of 31)

8 Brian

Setting up Management (Part 8 of 31)

9 Bob Windows Azure and Virtual Networking–What it is (Part 9 of 31)
10 Bob Windows Azure and Virtual Networking – Getting Started (Part 10 of 31)
11 Keith Step-by-Step: Running FREE Linux Virtual Machines in the Cloud with Windows Azure (Part 11 of 31
12 Kevin

Step-by-Step: Connecting System Center 2012 App Controller to Windows Azure (Part 12 of 31)

13 Kevin Creating Azure Virtual Machines with App Controller (Part 13 of 31)
14 Brian How to Create an Azure VM with PowerShell (Part 14 of 31)
15 Dan What does Windows Azure Cloud Computing Really Cost (Part 15 of 31)
16 Matt Consider this Reason for Using Windows Azure IaaS (Part 16 of 31)
17 Keith Steb-by-Step: Templating VMs in the Cloud with Windows Azure and Powershell (Part 17 of 31)
18 Brian How to Delete VHD Files in Azure with Powershell (Part 18 of 31)
19 Kevin  Create a Windows Azure Network using PowerShell (Part 19 of 31)
20 Keith  Step-by-Step: Extending On-Premise Active Directory to the Cloud with Windows Azure (Part 20 of 31)


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