K1 Speed Racing against my Manager, Scott Kerfoot – I won 2 out of 3!!

About 2 years ago, my manager planned a fun activity for the team to go Kart Racing at K1 in Irvine.  In anticipation of the racing, I did start egging on my manager, Scott Kerfoot about who would “win” and get the best times during the racing.  Of course, I claimed I would definitely beat him and he of course rebutted my claim with his claim of awesomeness when it came to go kart racing.  (Can you tell we are both very competitive?)  Due to timing and other factors, the activity had to be cancelled so we were never able to “prove” who was “better”.  As guys do, we would, on occasion, bring up the fact that the other was lucky the activity didn’t happen as the other would have been severely humiliated by the results.  Smile

On Monday, September 10th, Scott was in Phoenix and we had an extra hour on our hands so of course I brought up the fact that the go kart track was not too far away from the office.  The challenge was issued and the Scott accepted.  We made our way to K1 Speed in Phoenix to finally put the 2 year challenge to rest!

I have included scanned images of the results from the three races below.  As you can see, I did win the first two races.  In the third race, the guys working at K1 could see the “friendly'” competition between me and Scott so I’m pretty sure the set aside two of the fastest carts for our third race (they had two carts pulled aside just for the two of us to race on our own for the third race).  Unfortunately, I’m a bit short and could not reach the acceleration / brake pedals correctly on either of the two karts.  I had to take a different one so I was already at a slight disadvantage.  This “alternate” kart handled horribly and after 3 1/2 laps, they remotely shut down my kart (slowed to about 5 miles an hour) and called me into the pit.  They could see my kart was malfunctioning to the point where I was in danger of being injured so they had to bring me in.  Unfortunately, they did not let me go out in another kart so I never finished the third race.  Scott, on the other hand, did finish the race all by himself on the track and turned in the best lap time of all three races.  The folks at K1 Speed gave me and Scott a credit to redo the third race.  Since we didn’t have time to complete that race right then, we will have to go back at a later time.  For this reason, I don’t consider that third race a valid one so we will have to wait for the redo of the third race before Scott can claim he got the best lap time or not.  Either way, I already won the first two races (out of three) so I clearly won the overall match, but I still do want to win all three Smile.

K1 Race 1 of 3K1 Race 2 of 3K1 Race 3 of 3

Harold Wong


Comments (4)

  1. Kevin Remde says:

    I'll take you on, Harold.  I've never lost a race.  🙂

  2. Harold Wong says:

    Bring it Kevin!


  3. Harold Wong says:


    I think the redo of the third race will answer the question of who is the superior driver!  We'll have to take it to the track the next time I'm in Irvine!


  4. The Scott says:

    It should be noted: I raced the second race with a flat tire, so realistically Harold had more laps than I did to get the fastest lap of the day.  You will also note, my fastest lap is a full 4/10th of a second faster than any lap the 50+ LB lighter Mr. Wong could turn.  It is blatantly obvious that I am the superior driver.  And *I* will take on all comers.

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