Sharing Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 PowerShell Scripts created by Phoenix Exchange Community Members, Lorie Brady and Lindsey Lindley

I am a very strong believer that the IT Pro community thrives when everyone shares their knowledge and expertise with each other.  In the Phoenix area, the Phoenix Unified Communications User Group have active members that don’t let competitive boundaries get in the way of helping each other out.  In the last UG meeting (July 23, 2012), a couple of members shared useful scripts that they created (from scratch or “borrowed” with modifications) and take advantage of for their job.  Lorie Brady and Lindsey Lindley were the two main members who shared during the UG Meeting.

Lorie’s PowerShell Scripts (written for Exchange 2007):

DB-State-ExchangeReport.ps1 – Report on DB Usage Statistics for Mailbox Sizes Per DB
disablePOP.ps1 – Disable POP access For All Users without Custom Attribute 10 Set to POP
DynamicGroupDump.ps1 – Get list of Dynamic Groups and membership
ExchangeInstall_MB.ps1 – This script will install Exchange 2007 as Mailbox Role -NO CCR (can be edited to install any role)
ExchangeReport.ps1 – Generate Report of Exchange Statistics
get-DisconnectedMailboxes.ps1 – Get list of disconnected mailboxes
MailboxUsageReport.ps1 – This script uses EWS to report on mailbox usage
MoveMailbox-Criteria-PerHost.ps1 – Script to move mailboxes based on size criteria
Read file, set additional SMTP address.ps1 – Read file, set additional SMTP address
Search.Message>logs.ps1 – Check tracking logs for email sent by a user

Lindsey’s PowerShell Scripts (Written for Exchange 2010):

CheckDiskSpace.ps1 – Notify if C:\ gets below 50GB on any mailbox server in DAG
CheckRBACRoles.ps1 – Check to see if anyone is in Discovery Mgmt or Mailbox Import/Export Roles and reports
EmailAddressCleanup.ps1 – Email Address Cleanup for Mailbox and Distribution Lists
Preinstall_Script.ps1 – Pre-Install Script for Exchange
RemoveIISLogs.ps1 – Delete CAS IIS logs older than 30 days

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them as comments on the blog and I will pass them along to Lorie or Lindsey.

Harold Wong

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  1. Prabhat says:

    Hi Harold,

    should we expect some great webcasts for 2013… 🙂


  2. Harold Wong says:

    Prabhat: Most likely you will, but not sure if I will be doing many of those.


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