Pointing out a Third Party (Mitch Garvis) response to VMware’s “Get the Facts – Not the Microsoft Hyper-bole” campaign

Recently, VMware launched a campaign and webpage called “Get the Facts – not the Microsoft Hyper-bole”.  On this page, VMware lists five “facts” why VMware is better than Microsoft.  I have wanted to respond to this myself, but being a Microsoft employee, makes it a bit more difficult and of course is biased (even though I am VCP5 certified).  Luckily for me, on July 5th, Mitch Garvis posted his opinion in a blog post.  Whether you agree with all his statements or not, it is indeed a good read and the key to remember is that you really need to do the math and the testing yourself.  In about a month, Windows Server 2012 will become the “Current” version of Windows and Hyper-V and that is where one really needs to do comparative testing.

Harold Wong

Comments (2)

  1. Mitch Garvis says:

    Thanks for the kind words Harold! As you know we are now hours and not weeks from the RTM of Windows Server 2012, and the argument that we have to compare apples to apples (current to current version) will tip in favour of Hyper-V.  I do not expect the VMware enthusiasts to take it well.  Last week I taught a VMware Bootcamp in Chicago and the students were asking a lot of questions about Hyper-V, getting prepared to make an informed decision.

  2. Harold Wong says:

    Mitch: Thanks for your comment.  Now that WS2012 has RTM'd, I KNOW people will be taking a serious look at Hyper-V versus VMware.  I know VMware is also concerned since they have started offering special promotions to get customers upgraded for considerable discounts.


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