Microsoft Private Cloud Summit in Los Angeles on May 22, 2012 includes 3 Tracks (Client & Device Management, Cloud & Datacenter Management and Hands-On IT Camp)

I already posted that we are having a series of IT Camps in the West Region back on April 6th.  One of the cities on the list is Los Angeles on May 22nd.  The System Center team also wanted to hold a larger Private Cloud Summit that day so rather than reschedule my IT Camp or have the System Center team find a new date, we decided to combine our efforts and hold a Private Cloud Summit with three tracks of which my IT Camp is one of them. 

Part of the content (2 tracks worth) will be from Microsoft Management Summit 2012 held in Las Vegas during the week of April 16th.  Below is the agenda for the three tracks.  You can also find it on the Home Page for the Private Cloud Summit.  The registration link for Los Angeles is also on that page.  The event will be at the Westin Hotel by LAX Airport located at 5400 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045.  I will be delivering the Hands-On: IT Camp track with the folks from Vision (Double-Take).  Hope to see you there.




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