Microsoft Management Summit 2012 – My joint presentation with John Weston on Building a Microsoft Private Cloud using System Center 2012 Evaluation Software for a Lab


This week during Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2012, my team mate, John Weston, and I delivered a joint session on how we build out Microsoft Private Cloud in our lab using Evaluation Software of System Center 2012.  We shared our learnings (mistakes) so that those who are looking to do the same thing as us can get up and running quicker.  I do want to point out that we built our lab environment prior to the release of the Unified Installer so our experience was a bit different that what it could have been had we had access to the Unified Installer.  My word of advice as you start building out your lab environment is to use the Unified Installer to save time and headache.  Of course, if you really want to understand the installation process for each of the components within System Center 2012, you can do what we did and install everything manually.

I have uploaded the PowerPoint deck to my SlideShare account and am including it here.  To download the deck, just click the option to view on SlideShare (lower left) and you will see an option to download the deck.  Also, you can view the recording of the session by going here: and find my session in the list.  It will show up under the Fabric Infrastructure section.

Harold Wong

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  1. Roberto Roman says:

    Hey Harold,

    Really enjoyed that session at MMS.  You mentioned that you would try and get your team's docs up on your blog a couple weeks after the event.  Just wondering if you're going to have time to do so?  I'm also in the planning stages of building a private cloud lab and would love some good reference.  Thanks to you and your team!

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