TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Lync 2010 Conferencing Question & Answer Log (10-14-11)

The fourth and last Webcast in the Lync Server 2010 Deep Dive series delivered by Byron Spurlock was delivered on October 14, 2011.  The full Question and Answer Log file is below.  You can download the PowerPoint deck here:

You can reach Byron Spurlock here:

Question: Why did you not use Lync Conferencing for today's conference to demonstrate how easy it is to use?
Answer: We will eventually switch over, but to minimize impact on customers, we chose to continue to use the existing Live Meeting infrastructure that was put into place for these types of large scale webcasts.

Question: I have switched to Windows 7 Phones can i attend a Lync conference on my Windows Phone 7 I have not been able to do Live Meeting with Windows Phone 7?
Answer: The Lync Client for WP7 is not currently available so it is hard to speculate as to whether this feature will be supported at relase. I'm sure it is being considered, but am only speculating at this point.

Question: I apologize but I am unable to use print to PDF on slides - will it be comfortable to share the slide in pdf format via handouts?
Answer: I will post the slide decks sometime next week so keep an eye out on my blog -

Question: Are all the Lync conferencing features being discussed available in Lync Conferencing available on Office 365 or are some features only available with on premise Lync?
Answer: Not all features in Lync Conferencing when deployed on-premise is available in Office 365. I don't have the list of what those are though.

Question: Can you comment a little more concerning the SQL cluster restrictions?
Answer: I am not able to hear what Bryon is saying, but the specific TechNet article for configuring SQL for Lync 2010 is here: The key is to make sure the SQL cluster is configured before you install the Lync Front End component.

Question: If the guest client invited to the meeting has Lync but they are not part of my domain do the external guests still use their foreign lync client or do they join with the web app?
Answer: Either one can be used.

Question: does the "show the link to user to join meeting using Legacy client" security option, allow a attendee use the live meeting client to join a Lync conference?
Answer: No, it does not. That is for Communicator clients.

Question: Are Lync Conferences integrated into Outlookso i can schedule or meet now directly from outlook? Does it use the old Live Meeting Outlook add-in or is it a different addin?
Answer: there is a Lync Add-in that gets installed when you install the Lync client.

Question: if you have a seperate A/V pool, does the web conf components still get hosted on the Front End servers.
Answer: yes.

Question: Any advantage or points to consider for enabling/not enabling show legacy client or show attendee link?
Answer: If you are hosting meetings that include external attendees who may not have Lync, I think it is a good idea to at least point the user to download the Lync Attendee Client. I don't know about "official" advantages or points for consideration. I will check with Byron for his thoughts and post on my blog later.

Question: If a Lync server homed user creates a meeting with Livemeeting client and sends the invite to external users. Will the users join the meeting through the R2 Edge server (assuming it is still avaialbe)
If a user is hosted on a Lync server, they will not be creating meetings with the Live Meeting conference so I'm not understanding your question here.

Question: Where is the alias defined in the short url? Does it pull from AD? Is this adjustable? can you turn off the simple url?
Answer: Yes the answer pulls from AD for it is the SIP URI Alias, which in most cases in the login ID for the user.

Question: during migration, we will have users on a Lync server but still running Communicator and Live meeting. during that stage, before we depoy the lync client, will the external access still work via the R2 edge for the users that have been moved to Lync, but not yet running the Lync client.
Answer: You can connect using Communicator, but Live Meeting will not connect to a meeting hosted on Lync.

Harold Wong

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