TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Lync 2010 Voice Deployment Question & Answer Log (10-7-11)

On October 7, 2011, Byron Spurlock delivered the third webcast in the Lync 2010 Deep Dive series.  I am a bit late, but here is the Q&A Log from that session.

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Question: Does Lync 2010 offer a small business solution for companies as small as 5 users? What would be the initial cost and the cost per user per month for a small business for all the equipment, and services including unlimited nationwide long distance?
Answer: No, Lync 2010 is not offered in small business solution. The other option is Office 365 which does include Lync as part of the hosted offering. You can find out more here:

Question: Our business wants to know how many voicemails are in a user's mailbox (not-listened-to and listened-to). Do you have any reports like this?
Answer: Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging has reporting tool that allows you to gather data as Call Statistics and User Call logs, you can find more information about the tool here

Question: You would also want to not colocate if the SIP gateway you use can only listen on 5061,,,collocating changes the port to 5068
Answer: Having a SIP Gateway that can only listen on 5061 could be a possible reason not to collocate, however the more common reasons for deciding on collocating the mediation server on the front end pool are if you are using Media bypass or not; because not leveraging media bypass means the mediation server is transcoding traffic which uses CPU resources. In addition rather I’m doing direct SIP or SIP trunking or not will have an effect if I collocate the mediation server or not.

Question: What tpe of Equipment works with Lync? I keep hearing about Audiocodes and Dialogic. are these the only ones.
Answer: You can find a listing of supported equipment at the site referenced here

You can also find the PowerPoint Deck here:

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