A day in the life of a Technical Advisor at the Microsoft Retail Store–Introduction


So, Microsoft employees who don’t already work at the Microsoft Retail stores but who live in a city where a store exists were given an opportunity to sign up and spend a day working side by side with the main store employees.  I happen to live in such a city and so I signed up to spend a day as a Technical Advisor in the Scottsdale Store on Tuesday, August 30th.

I am looking forward to seeing how things work in the retail side of our business and what the average consumer is looking for and asking questions about.  I will write a blog post about my experience as well so look for that a few days after.

I wonder if I will get to play the XBOX / Kinect all day?  Or if I’ll get to take home one of the new Windows 7 Tablet devices?  Probably not, but I can dream.  Smile

If you want to come harass me, say hello, ask me a question, chat, etc., please stop by the store anytime before 6 PM.  I will be there from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM.  Hopefully I’ll get a lunch break as well.

Harold Wong

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