TechNet Events in West Region for August 2011

In the West Region, we are holding our first TechNet Event Series in August 2011 in six different cities (Irvine, Tempe, Denver, San Francisco, Bellevue and Lehi – Salt Lake City). 

Title: TechNet Events Presents: Building a Private Cloud

Abstract: Cloud Power!  What are the options?  Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud?  Which one is right for your business? Join us as we discuss the basics of cloud infrastructures and the details of how to build your own private cloud.  In 4 hours we will build a private cloud with you! We will talk about Hyper-V, Windows Azure, System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and the Self Service Portal.  We will demonstrate how to use these building blocks to build your own private cloud environment to host your own IT applications and services.   We will also show you how to connect Public Cloud components to your Private Cloud in order to maximize the unique competitive benefits of each environment.  Before this session is over you will have an understanding of the ins and outs of Microsoft’s Private Cloud Offerings.

Registration links for each of the locations is below:


Registration Link











San Francisco









These events will be delivered by me, Chris Henley and Chris Avis (not necessarily all three in each city). 

If Virtualization is new to you, I would encourage you to watch a 4 part Webcast Series (On Demand) from Chris Henley prior to the event as he walks through the basics of Virtualization and Hyper-V.

How to Build a Private Cloud (Part 1): An Overview of a Private Cloud (Level 100)
How to Build a Private Cloud (Part 2): Hyper-V, the Backbone of a Private Cloud (Level 200)
How to Build a Private Cloud (Part 3): System Center, the Nerve Center of a Private Cloud  (Level 200)
How to Build a Private Cloud (Part 4): The Self-Service Portal, the Muscles of a Private Cloud (Level 200) 

I look forward to seeing you at the events.

Harold Wong

Comments (2)

  1. Harold Wong says:

    John: I really want to do something in Las Vegas.  It isn't that there are no customers in Vegas.  I'll be open here.  It comes down to cost for holding a free event.  We are using Microsoft offices that have a Multi Purpose Room that we can utilize for "free".  In Vegas, no matter what venue I try, the costs seem to be around $5,000.  I don't have that kind of budget to hold my events.  If you or someone is able to help me land a venue for $500 or less for a morning session, I would absolutely love to hold events in Vegas.

    Harold Wong

  2. John Palubinskas says:

    Sorry to see again NO Las Vegas……guess we don't generate enough $$$ so sad 🙁

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