Free 30 Day Windows Azure Pass


For those IT Professionals who would like to get more familiar with what Windows Azure is, but don’t know how to get a free test account, I have some good news for you.  We are offering a Free 30 Day Windows Azure Pass so you can play around with the environment.  Once you get your account, I encourage you to sign up for the beta of VM Role and Admin Mode so you can test these two features that will be releasing later this year.  You sign up for these betas via the Windows Azure Platform Management Portal once your free account is active.

Click the image above and use the Promo Code: DPEWR02

*******************************  UPDATED on May 22, 2011  ***********************************

I am including screenshots of the process (which is fairly short).  The first one is where I select United States as the Country and copy and paste the above Promo Code:


After I hit Submit:


After I sign in with Live ID (but before filling out with all the information and hitting Submit):


After filling out all the information above and hitting Submit, I get the screen where I have to accept the agreement:


I filled out my First and Last Name, checked the Box and hit Accept.  Below is the final screen where I can start using Azure:


I hope the screen shots help.

Harold Wong

Comments (2)

  1. Harold Wong says:


    Did you copy and paste the Promo Code to make sure you were using the correct one?  I just verified by copying and pasting the code from my blog post and it is working.  Also, I believe this code only works in the United States.

    I have updated my post to include screenshots.


  2. Karthik S Rao says:

    When i use 'DPEWR02' it says A valid promo code is required to access the Windows Azure platform 30 day pass. If you'd like to be added to the wait list, please sign in with your Windows Live ID.

    So, we need to be in the 'Waiting List' ??

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