I am still around – My email (harold.wong) is now working again

Last Monday or Tuesday, I received a call from my wife that an email she had sent to harold.wong@microsoft.com had bounced due to an invalid recipient.  She wanted to confirm that I hadn’t been fired without being informed and to verify that I was still employed.  🙂

I started receiving calls from external folks as well that my emails were bouncing so I figured it was a more serious problem.  I spent a little time researching and found that the harold.wong alias had been removed from my user object and hence why emails were not coming in.  I submitted a service ticket with our internal helpdesk and figured it would take a day at most to fix (okay, should only take 10 minutes).  When it was still not fixed as of yesterday morning, I started making noise (sending multiple emails to a manager’s alias in helpdesk).  I finally got a response yesterday afternoon that the alias was added back in and would probably take up to 12 hours to replicate and be functional again. 

I just checked this morning and emails being sent to harold.wong@microsoft.com are coming into my inbox again!!!  YEAH!

This means you should be able to contact me again and I am indeed still here!  Thanks for your patience!

Harold Wong

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