MVP Summit is Great, but Seattle weather SUCKS!

I’ve been here in Bellevue / Seattle / Redmond area since Sunday morning for the MVP Summit.  It’s been great to reconnect with MVPs that I don’t get to see very often (people like Jason Sherry, Hal Hostetler, Ed Horley, Andrew Karcher, Clayton Cobb, Ben Schorr, Randy Williams, Dennis Martin, etc.).  There are so many more, but I just happened to run into these folks as late as last night at the reception.  I’ve also been able to get some great information about some of our technology that I didn’t already know.  I would love to share more about what I’m hearing here, but then I would get fired so we won’t go down that path.  Smile

seattle weather

The thing I really HATE about coming here at this time of the year is the weather conditions.  It really SUCKS!!!  It’s been overcast the entire time and sprinkling / raining off and on the entire time.  It’s only been two days in this dreariness, but I’m starting to get depressed.  I need some sun (and warmth) soon or I may pull out all my hair and start crying.

Harold Wong

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