It’s Football Season!!! And, my teams won!

Yes, indeed!!  Football season has kicked off and now my Monday nights, Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons are booked for the next 5 months.  🙂

I was reading the USA Today’s NFL Preview articles this past Friday.  They took the time to do a quick synopsis of each NFL team and also did a chart showing the probability of each team winning the Super Bowl.  I’ll admit, the Arizona Cardinals wasn’t all that favorable, but we had a much more favorable number than the St. Louis Rams.  They were listed in last with a 1 Billion to 1 chance of winning the Super Bowl.  DOH.

The Rams sure didn’t play like that against my Cardinals last night though.  In fact, they almost beat my Cardinals.  It sure was a nail biter.  I’m glad the Cardinals were able to hold off the Rams with a last minute end zone interception!

Unfortunately, the Arizona State University (ASU) Sun Devils’ game was not aired locally since they were playing here in Tempe on Saturday.  Although they won, I was told they played like crap.  I sure hope we worked out the kinks on Saturday night and the Devils annihilate the Wisconsin Badgers next week.  Too bad the University of Arizona (UofA) Wildcats also won their first two games and my alma matter is tied at 2 – 0 with my hated rivals.  Next week will be the first test of both teams and I hope the Wildcats get trounced by Iowa!!!

Harold Wong

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