Tech Ed 2010 Interview with Elisa Flasko (Project "Dallas")

Here’s the final Video Interview (of 10) that I was able to conduct last week at Tech Ed 2010 in New Orleans with Elisa Flasko, Program Manager on Project Dallas.

My first nine interviews that I posted were with the Unified Communications team (Exchange Server and Office Communications Server).  I thought it would be nice to get some interviews from other groups as well.  I did not have as much luck in this endeavor, but I was able to get Elisa Flasko to tell me about Project Dallas.  It didn’t hurt that Elisa and I used to work on the same team many years ago so she at least knew who I was and was willing to do a friend a favor.

Since I had no idea what Project Dallas was, I did of course have to ask Elisa to explain it to me.  She even took the time to demonstrate what could be done with the Data Marketplace (Project Dallas).  Very interesting – and kinda scary at the same time.  Tune in and hear what this project is all about.

To activate the Silverlight control, click on the video.  To go full screen, double click the video. 




Harold Wong

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