Tech Ed 2010 Interview with Kumar Venkateswar

Here’s the eighth Video Interview (of 10) that I was able to conduct last week at Tech Ed 2010 in New Orleans with Kumar Venkateswar, Program Manager with the Exchange Server Team.

One of the items that Kumar is responsible for is the Site Resiliency capabilities in Exchange Server 2010 (and SP1).  For those of you who are familiar with DAGs, you know that it is possible to implement a 3 node DAG with the third node in a remote site (DR site).  One of the pieces of feedback I heard was that we should allow a DR site configuration using only 2 nodes (like the SCR feature in Exchange Server 2007).  I asked Kumar what was being done to address this piece of feedback and he definitely answered the question and went into what will be available with SP1.

For those who are interested in testing Exchange Server 2010 SP1, you can download it from here.

To activate the Silverlight control, click on the video.  To go full screen, double click the video. 



Harold Wong

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