Tech Ed 2010 Interview with Kristian Andaker (Exchange Server)

At Tech Ed 2010 (Northamerica) in New Orleans, LA this year, I had a chance to catch up with some familiar people in the Exchange Server team as well as some new folks.  As I have done since Tech Ed 2006, I convinced some folks to be interviewed on camera and share some information about the piece of Exchange that they are responsible for.

In this interview, I was able to get some of Kristian’s time to talk about upgrading from previous versions of Exchange Server to Exchange Server 2010.  For those of you who have not had a chance to evaluate Exchange Server 2010 yet or who have management who would like to know more about some of the compelling capabilities, please watch the interview.  Also, one of the common questions I tend to get from folks is around the “upgrade” process from Exchange 2003 / 2007 and what the legacy namespace is for and why it has to be used.  I posed that to Kristian as well during the interview and he did a great job providing insight into this scenario.

For those who are interested in testing Exchange Server 2010 SP1, you can download it from here.

To activate the Silverlight control below, click on the video.  To go full screen, double click the video.



Harold Wong

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