Update on Windows 7 Release Candidate

First, for those of you who are still running Windows 7 Beta, you may want to consider updating to Release Candidate soon.  Starting July 1st, the Beta will start rebooting every two hours and then expire (stop functioning) on August 1st.  Unless you really enjoy having your computer reboot every two hours, I suggest you make the change soon.

The Release Candidate is good until June of 2010 so you will have plenty of time to test it out.  Also, the Release Candidate download program will end on August 15th.  What does this statement mean???  It means the RC bits will no longer be available for download once August 15th comes.  You will still be able to install (provided you already have the bits) and get a key if necessary. 

Before you get upset, remember that Windows 7 will RTM by the end of July and be on the shelves by October 22nd.  If the product has already RTM’d why do you still want to install RC code after August anyways???

If you are using Windows 7 Release Candidate right now and would like to provide feedback on various aspects of the Operating System, please visit input.microsoft.com.

Harold Wong

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  1. Harold,

    Any hints as to when Windows 7 (RTM) will be released on TechNet or MSDN?


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