Tech Ed 2009 Interviews with two OCS MVPs – Robert Ross and Russ Kirk


Since Tech Ed 2006 in Boston, I’ve been doing video interviews on site at Tech Ed.  This year was no different.  I was able to catch up with two Office Communications Server MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) this year and get their thoughts on OCS and what it has to offer. 

The first interview is with Robert Ross, a Solutions Architect with EMC out of San Francisco, California.  Robert has been working with customers who are interested in OCS for IM, Presence, Live Meeting, Edge Services and a few who are “kicking the tires” for voice.  Robert also shares a few opinions on what could be better with the product and his one piece of advice when it comes to voice.

The second interview is with Russ Kirk, a Consultant with Grey Convergence out of the UK.  Russ has also been doing quite a bit of work with OCS with UK customers.  I ask him for an honest opinion on OCS Voice and how he sees the product adoption compared to some of the other solutions out there.  Just like with Robert, I also ask Russ for his opinion on what could be better with the product.

Robert Ross


Russ Kirk


If you would like to download the files for offline viewing or if you want a smaller (lower resolution) version, please visit as I have also posted over there.

Robert Ross: 

Russ Kirk: 

Harold Wong

Comments (2)

  1. Harold Wong says:

    Dan, I’m not sure what kind of error you are getting, but both videos are playing just fine for me.  I’ve tested on four different computers.  I am using Silverlight 2.0 on my blog wrapper the videos.

    Have you tried accessing the Edge links to see if you can download the files or view from the Edge location?

    Harold Wong

  2. Dan_IT says:

    Hi Harold. Video doesn’t seem to work. Has it been moved away?

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