Tech Ed 2009 Day 1 Recap


First, I have to say this is the smallest Tech Ed I have ever been to.  This is both bad and good at the same time.  I totally understand that the economic times makes it very difficult for people to travel to Los Angeles for a week and that makes me sad.  At the same time, I try to have a positive outlook and realize that the people who are able to make it to Tech Ed 2009 are able to engage more deeply with the folks who are here.

In the keynote, Bill Veghte, Senior Vice President of Windows Business Group, kicked things off with a nice talk and demo of Windows 7.  I will admit that I was totally surprised when Bill got to the demo portion and the slide said the demoer was Bill himself.  You’ll be happy to know that Bill’s demo went very well and he did a pretty darn good job of walking through some key end user features of Windows 7 – not bad for a Senior VP.  🙂

Bill then called Mark Russinovich on stage to do the IT Pro focused Demo.  Based on what I could see of audience reaction in a huge auditorium, Bit Locker to Go, App Locker and native VHD access went over very well with folks.

Some great announcements during the keynote include:

1.  Windows 7 is ON TRACK for this holiday season.  I have to assume that Windows Server 2008 R2 is on the same track.
2.  An Invite Only Office 2010 Technical Preview will be available in July.
3.  There will be a CTP of SQL Server 2008 R2 in H2 of this calendar year.

I spent the day working the IT Management (Manager) Community Hub booth and the Unified Communications (OCS) Booth.  It was great to see all the people who came by and asked questions and had interest in what resources were available and technology.  I also had the opportunity to sit down at the Edge booth and record a quick video interview of an attendee (Randall) and his experience with Exchange 2010 in their pilot environment.

I will be at the Unified Communications Booth or IT Management Community Hub booth all week (I will take some small breaks – like lunch, but will be around).  I brought my Sony camcorder with me to record some short video interviews.  If you are interested in sharing your experiences with OCS, Exchange, Windows 7 or any other Microsoft technologies and have me record it for posting on the Internet (blog, Edge, etc.), please stop by and find me this week.

I look forward to talking to with you.

Harold Wong

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  1. abhijit says:

    Hi, even I am there at Tech ed 09. I am Abhijit and I am working with EFY enterprises PVt. Ltd. I am here to find out the latest technologies that Windows is trying to showcase. Moreover, we have a stall on the ground floor. May be, I can meet you some time tomorrow.

    I guess, I would like to discuss on Windows 7. As I am really interested in it. As Windows Vista is not very successful



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