Update to Virtual Lab Exam 70-113

On my previous post: http://blogs.technet.com/haroldwong/archive/2008/10/08/new-virtual-lab-based-exam-70-113-windows-server-2008-ad-configuring.aspx, I informed everyone that there was a great promotion going on that includes 3 free exam vouchers if you take the beta exam with a new format.  I received a couple of questions via email and a comment on the original post.  Rather than just post a response as a comment, I figured I would post a new entry to make sure everyone sees the questions and answers.

Question 1: Do I have to pass the exam to get the vouchers for the three exams?
Answer 1: No, just the fact that you took the exam qualifies you for the free vouchers.  Hopefully, you do pass though. ****[Update at 3:05 PM on 10/15/08]***  It would seem this exam is really just a pilot so there really is no Passing or Failing.  This is really for gathering data on using this concept for future Certification Exams. -  Harold Wong

Question 2: Since the free vouchers are only good for the first 3000, what determines my entry point?
Answer 2: We go based on the Date and Time you registered for the exam, not when you actually take it.  However, if you register for the exam but don't actually take it, then you still don't qualify.  The record of actually taking the test is what we track to ensure people aren't just registering but not taking the exam.  We do, however, look back to the Date and Time you registered to "calculate" if you are one of the first 3000.

Question 3: Is it too late to be one of the first 3000?
Answer 3: No.  As of October 13th, we still have not reached 3000.

Question 4: What does it mean if the testing center in my area doesn't show any availability?
Answer 4: This usually means that they have filled all their available time slots with tests.  Keep in mind that tests are scheduled based on the "advertised" time it takes.  So, if a test is supposed to take 3 hours, the testing center will block the entire 3 hours for a given seat even though the test taker may only take 1 hour to complete the test.  If you happen to know the folks at the test center, you may be able to work something out with them to schedule you in before or after official work hours.  No guarantee here, but just a though.

Harold Wong

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

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  3. Scott says:

    Is there any update on the number of placed filled as of the 15th November??

  4. Michael Astrosky says:

    How are the free vouchers sent out? Does MS do that automatically? The test center I went to today knew nothing about it. BTW, I loved the labs and think all exams should go that way.

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