Very Useful Add-In For Outlook

As much as I wish Microsoft would just include every possible feature in the world into our products (like Outlook), this just isn't going to happen.  The nice thing about this fact of life, is that it leaves room for partners to have a business around creating useful add-ins and what nots that add value to what we provide in the base product.

Recently, I had a need to send an email to 119 people.  This would not have been a problem except there were two restrictions on how I could send the email. 

1. I was not allowed to put all 119 people on the To Line or CC Line. 
2. I was not supposed to use the BCC Line.

This meant I had to create 119 emails (easy enough to do by copying, but still time consuming) and address them individually to each of the 119 people I wanted to send the email to.  ARGG!!!

Luckily for me, a co-worker pointed me in the direction of an Outlook Add-In from MAPILab (  The tool I downloaded (the 20 day trial version for now) is the Send Personally tool that allows me to create the message once, insert all 119 email addresses in the To Line and then hit the "Send Personally" button and shazam! 119 individual emails are sent to each of the recipients as if I created each one individually.  Man oh man, is this useful!  I really wish I had taken the time to scour the Internet years ago and found this little Add-In sooner.  This tool is definitely a keeper for me so I think the $24 for the single user license is totally justified and I will be buying this little tool for my toolkit soon!

I thought I would share this with all as I hope you guys (and gals) would do when you find something useful like this.  Please do note that I was not asked by Mapilab to write this entry nor are they paying me for this.

Harold Wong

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  1. Harold Wong says:

    Great comments from all.

    1. It sure would be nice if Outlook had every possible capability that I need just built into it.  However, I’m realistic and know this just won’t happen so having great add-ins from great partners is a good thing.

    2. Using Powershell is a great solution, but not sure how to capture that in my Sent Items folder unless I happen to BCC myself.  Also, not 100% sure if this would require an SMTP send or MAPI through Exchange.

    3. Mail Merge would require that I have the folks already saved as contacts in Outlook, which I don’t have.

    Harold Wong

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Mail Merge is the best way to go, and you don’t need to already have the folks saved as contacts in Outlook.  

    You just put your list into Excel and then choose "Use Existing List…" for the data.  

    See for more info.


  3. Tanmay says:

    Great post, Great Tool,

    But isn’t it HIGH TIME that Outlook provides this functionality OUT OF THE BOX…? May be with a limit of number of id’s or number of mails sent in a specific time interval…


  4. colin says:

    I think that another free solution would be to use Powershell to send the email for you. This would be a pretty simple task. If you have all the contacts then you could export that to a file and then type the email into another file. Then a simple powershell script would be able to loop through all the users in the email to file and send the note. I think I will try to write a entry on that for my website and also for my blog at

  5. Philip says:

    You could have used an e-mail mail-merge…. It is something that Outlook can do, for free, out of the box.

  6. yes, Tanmay, this functionality out of the box .. great idea. But don’t you think we receive enough spam already?

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