Video Interview with Greg Shields (Customer and MVP)

I attended a Virtualization Mini-Conference in Denver on September 29th that was hosted by the Rocky Mountain Windows Technology User Group.  During the conference, I was able to get some customers to step in front of my camera and answer some questions around their thoughts on Virtualization. 

One of the guys who agreed is Greg Shields.  In this interview, Greg shares his thoughts on the different Virtualization technologies on the market.  I also ask him specifically about Hyper-V and what he actually uses in his company today.  I won't tell you what he said, but if you watch and listen to the video, you'll find out.

To activate the Silverlight control, please click on the Start icon.  I have also posted this on TechNet Edge where you can download the lower resolution (512Kbps bitrate) version or even this high resolution (1.5 Mbps bitrate) version.

Harold Wong

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