Highlighting Another Blogger (Andrew Woodward)

Back in April of this year, Andrew Woodward emailed me with information on how he had setup a totally cool virtualized environment using Microsoft Hyper-V.  Needless to say, I was totally jealous and would have driven to his place to steal his hardware if it weren't for the fact that he lives in the UK and I'm here in Arizona.  Andrew gave me permission to blog about his configuration (which he did share with me) and stupid me, I totally forgot to do it.

About a month or so ago, Andrew decided to start up his own Blog site (http://mostlymicrosoft.blogspot.com/) and has been sharing a lot of his own experiences around Microsoft (mostly) technologies.  Shortly after starting his Blog, Andrew wrote about his cool Hyper-V environment and so rather than just copy his work here on my Blog, I'm going to point to his two posts.

Part 1: http://mostlymicrosoft.blogspot.com/2008/08/my-virtual-environment.html

Part 2: http://mostlymicrosoft.blogspot.com/2008/08/my-virtual-environment-part-2.html

Essentially, Andrew has the following:

2 hosts (Sun X4600 with 8-way, 64GB RAM) and VM’s all run Windows 2008!  The only Windows 2003 server left is the ISA on the Sun X4100 and this is only because ISA 2006 won’t run on 2008.

Harold Wong

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