Sitting in Starbucks (10965 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604)

On Monday, I wrote that I would be in the LA area today for an Angelbeat presentation:

It is now 9:30 AM as I write this quick blog entry.  I arrived at the Burbank Airport with no problems (even had a nice hour long nap on the plane) and also grabbed my Triple Venti Soy No Whip, No Foam Mocha with 3 scoops of Matcha.  I am sitting down at one of the tables and hoping someone has a few minutes to stop by and say hello to me.  My presentation does indeed start at noon, so I will be heading out by 11 AM to make sure I can get to the Hilton in time to setup and get ready.

In case you are curious, no one showed up to chat with me yesterday so I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping I get at least one person to show up here today.  In case you do live / work in this area and can spare a few minutes, I decided to bring a 1 GB thumbdrive with me to give away to the first person that does show up. 

I am wearing a long sleeve blue dress shirt and navy blue Dockers working on a Lenovo T61p with Exchange Stickers on the lid in case there are a lot of people in here and you have a hard time finding me.

Harold Wong

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  1. jo says:

    i would have come if i was there… honestly

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