Tech Ed 2008 Interview with Sean Smith (Customer)

As I said in my first post last week about the Tech Ed Interviews I did this year, I did get a customer to agree to be interviewed.  The engineer's name is Sean Smith and he works for CorVel out of Portland, Oregon.  He attended a 2 Day OCS Ignite class (hands on labs) that I delivered towards the end of 2007.  He was able to successfully deploy OCS 2007 within his company and shares some of his thoughts in this interview.

To activate the Silverlight control, click on the video.  To go full screen, double click the video.  Enjoy.



Harold Wong

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have added Harold’s blog link to the list but do note he has two places where he maintains information….

  2. Bridgetownpeddler says:

    Haha.. that is me.  Thanks Harold for posting this up.

  3. The UC Guy says:

    This is a nice interview 🙂

    hope to hear anything about OCS R2 , a video about the beta or somthing.

    on my blog i got everything about UC from the deployments side , errors ,integrations and news and i have added a post about what is expected to come in the OCS 2007 R2

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