School is Back in Session!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how many parents out there have kids that are going back to school today, but I happen to be one of those parents.  My son started back to school this morning and I'm celebrating!!!!  At the same time, I'm a bit sad because I won't get to see him during the day.  Since my work duties take me out of town on a regular basis, I was enjoying the time I was able to spend with my kids during the middle of the day - breakfast as a family, lunch as a family, 30 minute breaks to play with them, etc.  The good news is that I get to get my work done in a more productive fashion, but I won't get to spend as much time with them.  Ah, the tradeoffs.

Now, I just have to wait one more week and my daughter will be back in school as well.  Then my wife and I will have to get into a rhythm of dropping off and picking up the kids from school.  That is the most painful part since the two kids go to two different schools that are about 16 miles apart.

Harold Wong

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