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This year, my "job" is to work with the IT Pro Community.  I'm trying to put together a plan of attack so I can effectively reach out to the millions of IT Pros in the West Region.  As I am working on this plan, I realize this is going to be a huge challenge.  First, what the heck is the definition of "Community"????  Is this User Group Community?  Is it the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Community?  Is it the Social Networking Community (Facebook, etc.)????  I guess it is all of these plus others that I don't even have defined.

So I decided to look at this from another angle and just look at the IT Pro.  Once again, I need to define what is an IT Pro?  Are these the folks who architect, design and / or manage a network for a company?  Do I include hobbyists (those who don't work in the IT field for a profession, but have an interest and dabble after hours)?  Do I focus on the Microsoft centric IT Pro or on all IT Pros?

No matter how I break this down, there is one of me to millions in the West Region of the US.  There is no way I can visit every IT Pro in person, but I can definitely do things via online mediums like Live Meeting, my blog, Facebook, etc.  I can also build a nice "network" of other IT Pros who have a passion around what they do and are willing to get up in front of others and share their experiences. 

Any thoughts?  Ideas from the IT Pro "Community" out there?  Especially if you are in the West Region of the US??

Harold Wong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You might want to drop out and chat with the folks over at to help you get connected with the IT Pro Community in the correct ways.

  2. Harold Wong says:

    Thanks for the feedback all.  I will reach out to folks at my IT Forum to see how we can help each other.

    Ron and John, I know I can always count on you for help!!!  Thanks.

    Harold Wong

  3. John J Ross says:

    I f you need any help call use.

    Ron & John

  4. Daniel says:


    Microsoft already has a great certification community, can you grow that? One thing I have learned from the open source community is that people like to be a part of the production of products, they want their name in lights.

    Personally I am a huge fan of training videos and message boards that go with it.

    Check out if you can. Maybe contribute there?

    Either way you were on the right track with the Heroes Happen here events.

    Keep up the great work!


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