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I tend to download electronic versions of manuals for electronic gadgets, appliances, software, etc. rather than keep the hard copy around.  In fact, there are quite a few manufacturers that don't even provide a printed manual anymore and just give an electronic version of their manual.  Unfortunately, these manuals don't come in a Word format, but in a .PDF format.  Over the years, I've used one particular PDF reader and found it to be quite slow with a lot of annoying prompts to update.  About a year ago, a fellow co-worker, Tim Heuer (http://timheuer.com/blog/), turned me onto an alternative PDF reader that is just doggone fast and has a very small footprint.

When Outlook 2007 came out and included the ability to preview attachments in the Preview Pane, I was frustrated that PDF files didn't render since there was no add-on for this.  Luckily, the alternative PDF reader came out with an add-on component for Outlook 2007 to render PDF files for viewing in the Preview pane.

I'm sure by now, you are wondering what in the world is the name of this reader.  The company is Foxit Software (www.foxitsoftware.com).  In fact, Foxit worked with Tim (or is it the other way around ???) to write the add-on for Outlook 2007.

I absolutely love how quickly Foxit Reader loads and the small in memory footprint it has.  I am meant to share this a while ago and just totally forgot.  Just recently I was showing the Preview feature in Outlook 2007 to someone and they asked what I was using.  That's what reminded me that I hadn't posted this experience and hence why I'm doing it now. 

I hope you like it as much as I do (and no, I'm not getting any kickback from Foxit Software - remember, the reader is FREE).

Harold Wong

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  1. Guy Ellis says:

    Hey Harold, long time since you last posted. I’ve been using Foxit for a while and likewise love it as well. It’s usually around tax season when you have to deal with hundreds of PDF’s that I revise the PDF reader that I’m using.


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