Office 2007 Professional from Widows Vista / Office 2007 / Exchange 2007 Launch

Back in early 2007, we gave a copy of Office 2007 Professional away to every one who attended the Windows Vista / Office 2007 / Exchange 2007 Launch.  Instead of actually giving a DVD with Office 2007 on it, we gave away a packet that had a link to download the bits and a special code to redeem the actual PID for Office 2007 Professional.  The link to download the copy of office was the same one people used to download a trial copy of Office.  The only difference was attendees then got a valid PID to use for installation so their copy was "valid" and non-expiring.

Since so many people had problems getting the download to work, I decided to give it a try myself and went ahead and downloaded the trial bits (I just didn't have a code to redeem a PID).  On Wednesday, I received an email that my trial edition has or will end soon.  I'm sure most if not all attendees who followed the instructions and downloaded their copy of Office 2007 bits like I did, have received or will receive a similar email here shortly. 

If you receive this email, please, please, please, disregard it.  Just delete the email and keep running your valid, non-expiring copy of Office 2007 Professional (remember, you installed using the PID you redeemed).  Please, don't call support (or email me either for that matter) if and when you receive this email.  The reason you are receiving that email is because you had to supply a certain amount of information (like I did) in order to download the trial bits (executables).

I hope you are really enjoying your free copy of Office 2007 Professional!!!!

Harold Wong

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