SAVE $100 on TechNet Plus Direct Subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are a lot of IT Professionals out there that really value the TechNet Plus Direct Subscription.  The current annual subscription cost for this is $349.  We (TechNet Events team) have worked out a great win-win deal with the TechNet Plus Subscription folks to help folks save $100 on this valuable resource!!!

To purchase online, visit the TechNet Subscription Site and use the Promotion Code of TMSAM04 to get your $100 savings!!!!!!!!!

Note: The code is: The letters "T", "M", "S", "A", "M", the number Zero and the number 4.

As usual, there are always a few caveats.  The first is that this offer is only good in the US.  Second, this offer is only guaranteed to last until May 31, 2008.

Harold Wong


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  1. Anonymous says:

    To purchase online, visit the TechNet Subscription Site. Use promo code:TMSAM04 to get $100 off! That’s almost 33% off. Only lasts until 5/31/08 and only valid in the US. Originally spotted here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    On Friday, October 26th, I delivered a TechNet Webcast on Exchange Server 2007 Client Access and Web

  3. Harold Wong says:


    Yes, for your lab environment, you can install more than one copy of Exchange Server 2003 using the TechNet Plus Direct media.  You just can’t install any of it for production use.

    Harold Wong

  4. Harold Wong says:

    For those of you who posted comments to my original post or sent me an email, I want to provide you an answer / explanation of why this offer is only good in the US.

    Microsoft as a company is structured in such a way that we have a bunch of subsidiaries.  The US happens to be one such subsidiary.  Each subsidiary has its own P&L and operates separately from other subsidiaries.  The TechNet Subscription business within the US Subsidiary has chosen to offer the $100 discount fully understanding that there will be a loss / reduction of revenue for each subscription.  Our argument was that this will help to increase the number of subscriptions overall and therefore more beneficial to the business in the long run.  Unfortunately, we have no control over the other subsidiaries and cannot force them to make the same (or even similar) offer.

    I understand that you may not like this answer / explanation, but it is the truth and I really wish I could get this offer available world wide.  However, I am but a small peon in the company and do not have that level of influence.

    Andy Grogan (blogspot) has linked to this blog here:  I have exchange numerous emails with Andy on this subject and highly suggest you visit his site and perhaps even contact him directly for further insights and such.

    Harold Wong

  5. Alex Lee says:

    Does the Technet subscription allow one to install an application, e.g. Exchange Server 2003, on more than one test machine in the lab environment ? Thanks.

  6. Mike Walsh says:

    >The first is that this offer is only good in the US.

    As always this makes me really p****d off.

    At least you didn’t make me wander through several pages of filling out my information before you told me.

    But *WHY*?

  7. Johan van Zanten says:

    I totally agree with Mike Walsh .. Why the F* always US only, we in Europe contribute to Microsoft aswell, maybe even more 😉

  8. Philip Elder says:


    Hopefully those of us in other parts of the world will be allowed in on the discount!



    MPECS Inc.

  9. Alex Lee says:

    I think this one is applicable worldwide.


    Technet Plus at US$279.20 – offer ends Nov. 30, 2007.

  10. Keith says:

    Thanks for this!  I just signed up for a personal subscription.

  11. mike says:

    Thank you!! I just tried it and worked for Canada.

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