Upcoming TechNet Events in Desert Mountain for Q2 (October 16 – December 20, 2007)

For those of you who are wondering when the next set of TechNet Events will be coming to a city near you in the Desert Mountain Area (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Las Vegas, Montana, Wyoming, Utah), here is the list broken out by state:

  Tucson - 10/23/07
  Phoenix - 12/20/07

New Mexico
  Albuquerque - 12/18/07

  Colorado Springs - 10/30/07
  Ft. Collins - 11/1/07
  Denver - 11/8/07

  Las Vegas - 11/29/07

For those of you who live in Utah, Wyoming and Montana, you are seeing things correctly.  We do not have any events in Q2 in these three states.  I wish things were different, but unfortunately, this is how the schedule rolled out.

To register, please visit www.technetevents.com and select the appropriate city from the drop down list and click Register.  For those of you who also want to attend the afternoon MSDN event, please register for that session separately at www.msdnevents.com.  On these web sites, you will also find the detail description of what we will be covering during the events.

For those of you who plan to attend the Phoenix event on December 20th, please be aware that the schedule is different than normal.  This Phoenix event is being branded as a Power Series Event.  This means there will be a full day's worth of TechNet content.  The "regular" TechNet session will be delivered in the afternoon versus morning.  The morning session will include additional topics such as Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and some stuff on Windows Server 2008.

Harold Wong

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  1. knightly says:

    The phx event isn’t listed on technetevents.com yet.

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