Tech Ed 2007 (Orlando): Day 5Recap

Hmmm, it's now June 29th (3 weeks after Tech Ed) and I'm finally completing my blog post on Day 5 of my experience at Tech Ed.  I know, kinda stupid of me, but I got a little behind and I wanted to complete my task.

Let's see, Day 5 was a bit of a blur since that was the last day of the conference and it has been so long.  I did make it to 2 sessions that day that were of good value.  I also spent about 30 - 45 minutes going through the Partner Expo area to collect shwag and information.  I also spent some time finishing up my video interviews of some folks I had not been able to corale until that morning / afternoon.

I would have to say the worse part of the day was lunch.  I was not able to get to lunch until toward the end of the lunch time.  Unfortunately, I was not the only one in this camp.  There were quite a few of us waiting around in line for the kitchen staff to bring out sandwiches.  They seemed to have plenty of vegetarian sandwiches, but nothing with chicken or beef.  After waiting for about 20 minutes, I finally decided to try one of the vegetarian sandwhiches to see if it would be filling enough.  Bad decision!  The 2 buns made up 90% of the meal.  There was a little bit of mushrooms, squash, bell peppers and onions.  Needless to say, I just ate the vegetables and threw out the buns.  About 15 minutes after that, they finally brought out enough chicken sandwiches that all of us who waited it out were able to get some protein into us.  Although I did eat the chicken sandwich, I wouldn't necessarily call it good or even average, but oh well.

I did leave a little early that day so I could drop my co-worker off at the airport so he could catch an early evening flight home.  I then did some dinner and called it a night since I had an 8 AM flight home on Saturday morning.

Harold Wong


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