Phoenix Exchange Server User Group Update

Okay, it has been quite some time since we really had an Exchange Server User Group Meeting here in Phoenix.  Most of it has been because I've been on the road week in and week out.  Well, my May schedule actually looks somewhat decent where I'll be in town for quite a few days.  Also, I finally got a SharePoint site setup via Culminis for our User Group!!!!

The Main site URL is:  I started two discussions going which can be found here:  Rather than use email, let's use the discussion board to figure out which dates work best and the topic we'll present on.  So, please go to the Discussion area and post your replies to both threads.

I would also like to discuss the possibility of "morphing" our group to also include Office Communications Server since that fits into the overall Unified Communications theme that Exchange is only a partial solution for.


Harold Wong


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally forgot to blog about the upcoming Phoenix Exchange Server User Group Meeting. At the end of

  2. Mason Kisner says:

    Nice blog site Harold, I like it.

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