TechNet Event PowerPoint Deck posted for April – June, 2007 Events

In an earlier post recapping the TechNet Event in Billings, Montana (, I mentioned that the PowerPoint decks for this quarter had not been posted to the website yet.  I was just informed that all three decks have now been posted and can be found via this direct link:  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Harold Wong


Comments (2)

  1. Harold Wong says:

    Okay, just found out that the decks have really been uploaded and are now available.  I downloaded all three myself to make sure that they all opened up and worked.  Have fun.

    Harold Wong

  2. Harold Wong says:

    Dang nabbit!!!  It looks like the links to download the PowerPoint decks are not working properly!  Please hang tight and I will get an update as soon as I hear (and confirm) that it is resolved.

    Harold Wong

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