Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 24 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (04-13-07)


I am finally done going through the Q&A Log from Part 24 (Troubleshooting E-Mail Flow) of the 24 Part Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series!!!!!!! 

A BIG thank you to all the folks who helped with Q&A throughout the 24 part series (Bryan Von Axelson, Scott Schnoll, John Weston, Viral Tarpara and Chris Avis - hopefully I didn't forget anyone; if I did, I apologize)!  Also a big thank you to those who attended the webcasts.  There were a few folks who were able to attend all 24 parts in person (live) and I wanted to at least recognize them by listing their first names here:

Bernle (Exchange nerd from Sweden)

There may be more, but these were the only folks who sent me an email to let me know.  I also know there were a large number of folks who attended over 20 Parts in person.  Either way, this was a long 3 months and I am now going to take a few months break from delivering webcasts!

Thanks again and enjoy!!!!

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 24 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (04-13-07)

Question: Are the Manuals in the Labcast Series going to be updated.

Answer: Yes, eventually.

Question: When I run the Test e-mail autoconfiguration from Outlook 2007 (Exch 2007 mailbox), the OAB URL says "Public Folder". I setup a web based OAB. How is this corrected?

Answer: Without knowing exactly what you have configured, I can only ask a set of starter questions to help you do some troubleshooting.  First, make sure you have autodiscover configured correctly.  Second, ensure you have the OAB configured correctly on your CAS servers.  Do you have the internal and external URL specified?  Do you still have Exchange 2003 and did the user have their mailbox on the 2003 server when the Outlook client initially connected?  Do you get the same results when running the test while on the corporate network?

Question: Is Exchange 2007 supported in the upcoming Longhorn Server release? Thanks!

Answer: The RTM bits of Exchange Server 2007 is not supported on Longhorn Server (which by the way is still in early beta).  Support for Exchange Server 2007 on Longhorn Server will require Exchange Server 2007 SP1 due out later this year.

Question: I am having mail flow issue between EDGE and CA. Edge sync. All messages stay in EDGE server queue. Edgesync works fine I am having mail flow issue between EDGE and CA. Edge sync.

Answer: Some questions – Is email flow out to the Internet working correctly?  If yes, are you only experiencing inbound email issues?  If yes, I would recommend you look at the firewall and ensure port 25 is open from the Edge Transport to the Hub Transport.  Without knowing the specific details, this is about the best I can do right now [Harold]

Question: Will Exchange 2003 be supported in Longhorn Server? My company is requiring us to upgrade to Exchange 07 but I'm just curious is Exch 03 will be supported. Thanks again

Answer: I am not sure until they get closer to a release candidate.  If Exchange Server 2003 will be able to install on a Longhorn Server, I’m sure it will require a Service Pack. 

Question: I know that these webcasts are on the TechNet DVD's, however will they all be put on one DVD?

Answer: I will let the TechNet Subscription folks know of the request.

Question: Where can I download the powerpoint presentation for Part 03 of 24

Answer: Usually, the PPT deck is available if you register for the on-demand version of the sessions.  I am also looking for a location to store all 24 PPTs for the entire series for downloading.  Keep an eye out on my blog as I will post it as soon as I can find something.

Question: I have noticed over the last 3 or 4 presentations that PowerShell is the prdominant tool. That seems to be a step backward from using a GUI. Your comments?

Answer: The decision was made early on to build Exchange 2007 management capabilities on the Powershell “tool”.  There are quite a few organizations that wanted scripting capabilities for Exchange for bulk / automated tasks.  In previous versions of Exchange, we did not have parity between what was available in the GUI versus command line.  Since the entire management component of Exchange 2007 is based on the PowerShell environment, we now have great parity.  We have exposed most of the key administrative tasks in the Exchange Management Console (GUI) and will be introducing more with SP1.  The nice thing here is that our customers and partners can also create their own GUI based functions based on the necessary Exchange Management Shell CMDLET.  I do not consider this a step backward, but a step forward.

Question: what was the command used to enable pipeline tracing again? Thx

Answer: Here’s an article that describes it:

Question: What is the shell command to enable/disable protocol logging and can this be done via the management console?

Answer: Here’s an article that describes it:

Question: Can the same tracing be accomplished in EXCH 2003?

Answer: The Pipeline tracing is new to Exchange 2007 and not available in Exchange 2003.

Question: Is the management pack also available for SCOM 2007?

Answer: Yes, take a look at this PDF:

Question: Any news/docs on Stand-by Replication Server? Is it still slated for SP1, and when will SP1 be available?

Answer: There isn’t a whole lot of official information available yet on SP1.  I would look for more information to be released at about the time the Public beta releases later this summer.

Question: is there any documentation on how to configure outlook anywhere, exchange, isa & certificates when using isa 2006 in front of the cas server that is providing active sync, owa & anywhere?

Answer: Start here -

Question: Is the Troubleshooting Assistant available for Exchange 2000/3?

Answer: Tools for Exchange 2003 - Under Troubleshooting -

Question: Is the version of BPA on 2007 that much different from the version used now in Exchange 2000. As far as the types of tests it can capture?

Answer: They are pretty much the same.  They perform the same essential tests.  There are certain parameters / tests that are only pertinent to Exchange 2003 and some to 2007.

Question: What is RTC on this slide? Or should it say RTP (Real Time Protocol)?

Answer: I missed that.  You are correct, it should have said RTP for Real Time Protocol.

Question: With UM, what is the storage rate per voicemail? How many kb per second?

Answer: It does depend on the codec in use, but I’m finding it is between 60-80K per minute of audio.

Question: when is the next exchange conference?

Answer: If you are referring to the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC), that is no longer in existence as it has been folded into Tech Ed.  Tech Ed is taking place this year in Orlando, Fl from June 4 – 9.  If you are referring to the Microsoft Exchange Connections, that just took place in Orlando during the first week of April.  There is usually a Fall session that takes place in Las Vegas.  The main site is here:  Keep an eye out on it as they will update with the Fall date and location when it gets confirmed.

Question: Where can the Pocket PC emulator be downloaded from?

Answer: The .DESS file used during my demo:  The emulator:

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