TechNet Event in Billings, MT (April 17, 2007) Recap

I just finished co-delivering a TechNet Event in Billings, Montana with my team mate, Shawn Travers, yesterday (April 17, 2007).  The attendees were great and very interactive.  There were quite a bit of questions asked throughout the morning.  There was one question that was asked that both Shawn and I didn't have a definitive answer to. 

The question was: "Does Longhorn Server support FAT partitions?".

Answer: Yes.  Longhorn Server supports both FAT and FAT32.  I confirmed with my Longhorn Server and it works just fine.

Also, we mentioned that the PowerPoint decks for the three sessions would be available on line for download.  I just found out the final decks have not been "approved" and therefore have not been posted as of yet.  As soon as they are, I will post another entry to my blog to let you know.  In case you want to keep an eye out or want the decks for past quarters now, feel free to visit:

Thanks to Shawn for flying out from St. Louis to co-present and a Big Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a fun and interactive event!!

Harold Wong

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