Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 22 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (04-06-07)

This is just totaly exciting!!!!!!!!!  I am now officially caught up with all my Q&A Logs for the series as of right now.  Here is the Q&A Log from Part 22 (Toolbox) from the 24 Part Exchange 2007 Webcast series.  This has got to be the smallest log for the entire Webcasts series (not counting the Labcasts).  I don't know if this is good or bad, but either way, here it is.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 22 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (04-06-07)

Question: I have 400 1GB heavy mailboxes, if I want to install the mailbox on the SCC together LUN, how much space size should I reserve for the LOG LUN roughly?

Answer: There are sizing guidelines available to assist with this:  However, I will also say that this will largely depend on the amount of traffic that flows in and how often you perform a full backup. The Logs don't necessarily correlate with the size of the mailboxes, but with traffic flow.

Question: the mailbox will get/rece at least 5mb emails per day and backup will be full only on the weekend.

Answer: If you do the simple math on this, that is 5MB of logs per mailbox per day * 7 days = 35 MB. Multiply this by 400 and you get 14 GB. Remember though, this is the "simple" math so it will probably be more.

Question: Is there a performance impact when running the BPA?

Answer: you would want to run it at a lower peak time. Don't leave it running. I am not sure of the exact perf impact.

Question: run it before load exchange 2007?

Answer: Yes, on your Exchange 2003 box if you moving from Exchange 2003, it will make sure you are ready to install Exchange 2007.

Question: Can the Analyzer run against Exchange 2003

Answer: Yes, absolutely!


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