Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 21 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (04-04-07)

Despite the fact that I had no one helping me answer questions during the live webcast, I was able to get this one done fairly quickly.  It also helped that there weren't that many questions.  Either way, here is the Q&A Log from Part 21 (Monitoring using MOM) of the 24 Part Exchange 2007 Webcast series.  There were a few questions that I didn't understand so if these were from you, please send me an email to clairfy  Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions.

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 21 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (04-04-07)

Question: Harold, I have installed HUB/CAS roles on two separate different servers for the resilience. If I configure the NLB for the CAS, the HUB is still automatically resilience or use NLB together with CAS?

Answer: Hub is automatic.

Question: When should I configure the NLB, before the HUB/CAS installation or after HUB/CAS installed?

Answer: Before.  Here's an article on configuring NLB on Windows Server 2003:  If you want to take advantage of NLB, you need to configure the Server piece of NLB before you install the Application that will use it.

Question: Edge server role don’t require the IIS for the prerequisite?

Answer: No, you don't need IIS for the Edge Server role. This was done on purpose.

Question: CCR question - Can CAS and HTS be the same computer?

Answer: Yes, you can install Client Access and Hub Transport on the same server. These roles cannot be part of a CCR cluster though.

Question: what roles can´t be in the same computer???

Answer: Mailbox, Hub Transport, Client Access and Unified Messaging can all co-exist on the same physical server. Edge Transport must be on its own physical server (cannot co-exist with any other Exchange 2007 roles). If you choose to cluster (CCR or SCC) the Mailbox role, then you cannot have the Hub Transport, Client Access or Unified Messaging server roles on that cluster - they must be installed on another server.

Question: Do you have any recommdendations on books on Exchange 2007? I am new to Exchange. Thanks

Answer: For MSPress Books, look here: The Administrator's Pocket Consultant is out and the Companion is as well. I like these.

Question: In the process of transition from Exchange 2003, how much time delay the replicas of public folders???

Answer: You need to configure the replicas first. Then it is a matter of bandwidth and amount of data.

Question: can you have a secondary cas server part of the dumpster server in a ccr configuration

Answer: CAS does not play a part in the dumpster for CCR – rather it is the Hub Transport.  Each Hub Transport will maintain its own Dumpster.

Question: One more questions for the NLB, if i use two NIC, NLB use the private or public? Thnaks.

Answer: It all depends on how you are configuring it.  When using NLB for CAS, the concept of private versus public doesn’t really come into play.  You are either use 2 NICs or a single NIC.

Question: So it is normal that this process delay 3 days aprox for 17 GB of data in public folders?

Answer: That is indeed very possbile.

Question: Is this going to be monitoring around MOM 2005 or SCOM 2007?

Answer: This webcast was on MOM 2005.

Question: Forefront Client Protection Suite has some components of MOM included. Will it monitor the Exchange Servers or do you have to purchase a separate copy of MOM to monitor the Exchange Server operation?

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, the MOM component with the Forefront Client Protection Suite is licensed only to interact with that Suite.  If you wish to monitor Exchange, you will need to purchase the MOM component for the server on which Exchange is installed and then the Exchange Management Pack is “free”.

Question: What's the list price of Workgroup Edition?

Answer: MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition is targeted for medium-sized businesses that need to monitor up to 10 devices (servers).  The estimated retail price of this product is $499.

Question: With all of the alerts and tasks that can be configured through MOM, is there a quick start guide that outlines the common or recommended steps to start monitoring Exchange quickly?

Answer: With Exchange 2003 Management Pack, there was a nice configuration Wizard that did this.  I don’t see this for Exchange 2007 though.  You might want to start here though:

Question: And what about Installation order it realy dosn't matter?

Answer: I’m not sure what installation order you are referring to.  Please send me an email.

Question: Is there a lab for the use of monitoring with SCOM 2007 and not MOM 2005?

Answer: MOM 2005 Virtual Lab is here: Systems Center is here:  Nothing specific to SCOM 2007 yet.

Question: Does a MOM server need to be in the same domain as the monitored servers?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: Does Workgroup Editon use MSDE Express?

Answer: It can use the MSDE version of SQL Server or the full product.

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