Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 20 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (03-30-07)

I am making some good progress with my Q&A Logs!!!!  Here is Part 20 (Disaster Recovery) of the 24 Part Exchange 2007 Webcast series.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 20 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (03-30-07)

Question: Hi Harold, how can I setup two Edge, two Hub/CAS as the redundancy? They will be automatically configured or I have to do some special configuration? I knew you talked about if put Edge servers it will be automatically. How can I configure them as order such if one down go to another one?

Answer: You will just need to create an Edge Synch subscription to each of the Edge Servers for each AD Site (that has Hub Transport server(s)). The failover will be automatic.

Question: we used surfcontrol email filter now, how can i use it on our exhange 2007 environment? I think it will be put in front of two Edges if in that case do i need give the two edge public MX records?

Answer: If you place the Surfcontrol appliance in front of your Edge Transport servers, then the MX record will point to the Surfcontrol appliance, not the Edge Transport.

Question: Yes, so I will not need public MX record for the EDGE?

Answer: Not if you place the SurfControl appliance in front of the Edge.

Question: Are there any anti-virus products that are compatible with Exchange 2007 yet?

Answer: Yes. Please look at this web site:

Question: i'm going to install Ex2k7 on CCR and database and log will be in the Cluster NetApp San, i can creat two LUNs which hold DB and Log? DB LUN will hold multiple DBs the same as log LUN. is that possible?

Answer: Yes, that is possible for each node.

Question: where will we run ExportEdgeConfig.ps1?

Answer: You run this on the Edge Transport server.

Question: Are you considering Another Edge Server Live Lab?

Answer: No, but you can go and perform the Virtual Lab at anytime.  The main Virtual Lab site for Exchange is:  Click the link for the Edge Server lab.

Question: i have around 1TB DB, how many log files i should have? Thnaks.

Answer: There are sizing guidelines available to assist with this:  However, I will also say that this will largely depend on the amount of traffic that flows in and how often you perform a full backup. The Logs don't necessarily correlate with the size of the mailboxes, but with traffic flow.

Question: Will all of the attributes and features of the new Office Communications Server 2007 be integrated in the backup utility as well?

Answer: That I’m not sure about.  In LCS 2005, you would use the SQL backup tool to backup the SQL database.

Question: how does that effect how many transaction logs can be created? currently the limitation is FFFFFFF

Answer: We have increased the number of transaction logs available by a factor of 1000 (if memory serves me correctly).

Question: if we upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2007, what happens with the OAB? When can we get rid of the PF?

Answer: If you co-exist Exchange 2003 and 2007 as well as run Outlook 2003 or older Outlook clients, you will need to ensure the OAB is created in the Public Folder store on the Exchange 2007 servers.  Once you get rid of all your Outlook clients that are older than Outlook 2007 and you no longer use anything that relies on Public Folders, you can get rid of them.  In Exchange 2007, we now store this on the CAS server via a web directory.

Question: how do you fix the website's security certificate error that harold got?

Answer: I get the certificate error because Exchange Server is using a self signed certificate that cannot be verified.  To “solve” the problem in the simplest method, I can install the certificate on my machine and I’m good to go.  To “truly” solve this issue, I would utilize a public certificate for OWA access from the Internet.

Question: Is the Exchange Mangement shell the same as the Power Shell?

Answer: No, it is not exactly the same.  The Exchange Management shell is based on the PowerShell and has extensions that are pertinent to Exchange 2007.

Question: what's mailbox quota recommand in general?

Answer: This all depends on your storage capabilities and SLA to the customer (as well as other factors).

Question: Wouldn't .pst data stored on Virtual PC be a safeguard to avoid being lost?

Answer: I don’t know how that is the case.

Question: It's possible to use EdgeSync only to sync an ADAM server in the DMZ, without an Exchange Edge server?

Answer: No.  Edgesync is an Exchange Server 2007 process that works with Hub Transport and Edge Transport.

Question: you can't find deleted item because of delays in cache mode

Answer: Yes, I realized that after the fact.  Thanks.

Question: can limits be set in Exchange policy?

Answer: I don’t understand this question.  Can you please email me?

Question: Darn is used to be 7days in Exchange 2003

Answer: Yes, the Deleted Items Retention was 7 days in 2003. Then with SP1, I believe we changed to 14 as well.

Question: Can the retention times be applied via a system policy or must they be set for each server individually?

Answer: Each Database individually or you can use the Exchange Management Shell to apply the setting to all Mailbox databases.


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