Exchange Server 2007 Labcast Series (Part 8 of 8) Questions and Answers Log (03-28-07)

Here is the Q&A Log from Part 8 (Configuring Edge Transport Server) of the 8 Part Exchange 2007 Labcast series.  This is the last Guided Hands-On-Lab for the series.  Please be sure to check out for the full list of all 8 Labcasts and the links to register for the On-Demand viewing.  Here's the main landing page for the TechNet Virtual Labs for Exchange Server:

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Labcast Series (Part 8 of 8) Questions and Answers Log (03-28-07)

Question: I knew it’s better way to keep the log and database separately, It’s necessary to put the system file and log files in the same location?

Answer: No, the System files can be located in a directory that is different than the Log files.

Question: so if I use the SAN, I have create different LUNs such as Log LUN, System LUN and Database LUNs, correct? thanks.

Answer: Yes, you can do that. However, I find that most folks will store the System and Database files in the same location.

Question: System and Database in the smae location is recommended? or a good way?

Answer: I don't know if it's "recommended". I just find "a lot" of customers that do that so they don't consume all the luns. If you have 20 storage groups and you have 3 luns per SG, then that's 60 luns - a heck of a lot.

Question: Hi Harold, your webcasts and virtual labs on Exchange 2007 have been great. Thank you. Can you tell me where I can find more information on setting up Exchange 2007 Edge Transport in a DMZ using ISA 2006. I've seen demos on Edge Transport Server as an Edge component and I've seen demos on ISA Server publishing the hub transport role, but can't find anything on setting up Edge Transport as a single homed component with ISA 2006? Thanks

Answer: Thanks!! You cannot co-exist ISA and Edge Transport server roles on the same physical server. You also don't need to place the Edge Transport behind the ISA Server since the Edge Transport was built to sit in the Perimeter Network.

Question: Yes, I understand that, but if you are already using ISA 2006, where do put the Edge Transport Server?

Answer: Do you actually have a Perimeter Network? Is ISA in the Perimeter or is it the Internal Firewall of the Perimeter? Either way, you can place the Edge Transport in the Perimeter or behind the ISA.

Question: can the edge server be joined to the domain, instead of having to run ADAM?

Answer: It can be joined to a domain (just not the production Corporate AD), but it will still use ADAM for configuration of Edge Transport related stuff.

Question: if i have two hub transport servers, which one will the EDGE server talk to?

Answer: You subscribe the Edge Transport server to an AD Site.  It will automatically select the Hub Transport to connect to in that AD Site.

Question: To continue this line of inquiry, there seems to be some confusion about exactly how to use the Edge Transport Server with ISA 2006. I work with small business in which the ISA Server might be the only firewall. However, everything I've seen from Microsoft seems to indicate that the Edge Transport server should be dual homed and in the perimeter network. I've seen discussion whiich question the logic of doing this, and would prefer to put the Edge Transport Server in the ISA's perimiter DMS as a single homed computer. If the Edge Transport is dual homed it would seem that it would have to run in parallel with an existing ISA Server. Can you clarify this? Thanks.

Answer: The Edge Transport does not have to be dual homed. It will work just fine with a single network interface. Since not all customer use ISA as their firewall solution so we don't automatically assume that.

Question: Can I rename the default Storage Group and database name? if yes, do I need to dismount database or it changes on fly?

Answer: Yes, you can rename the Storage Group and Database within the Exchange Management Console (or Shell) on the fly.  In the Console, go to the properties of the SG or DB.  However, this does not change the name of the folder of the database file on the hard drive.

Question: Okay, then back to my original question: where can I find information on configuring the Edge Transport Server in the ISA 2006 perimeter network? Thanks

Answer:  After countless hours of searching, I am not able to find any definitive documentation on configure the Edge Transport Server in conjunction with ISA 2006.  For the smaller organization, I would (personal opinion here) place the Edge Transport on the corporate network and publish SMTP through ISA 2006 following these guidelines:

Question: Can the Edge server be the first Exchange 2007 server in your environment?

Answer: Sure, it isn't technically part of your Exchange organization.

Question: You mention in your webcast to have 2 interface in EDGE server. IF I am going to deploy this in DMZ. It should be after PIX(example) and before ISA (dmz) what is the best way to do it? How I could use 2 interface card in DMZ network?

Answer: If you have a Perimeter Network configured with the PIX on the outer edge and ISA 2006 on the internal edge and you have 2 network interfaces on the Edge Transport server, then you would do the following.  Connect one interface to the segment that the PIX is on and the other interface to the segment that the ISA 2006 server is on.

Question: can you send me the SendSpam script so that i can test it on my test enviroemnt? Thanks.

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