Harold Screwed Up on Exchange 2007 Licensing!!!

Okay, I'm definitely not perfect!  I had heard at one point that we were going to move away from charging for the Passive Node of a CCR Cluster in Exchange 2007.  Evidently, I didn't pay close enough attention to the final word because that never came to fruition.  They were just talks / discussions.  In other words, I screwed up and gave out the wrong information as it relates to proper licensing of a 2 node CCR Cluster.

Customers do indeed have to purchase an Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition License for both nodes (not just the Active as I had thought).  Just goes to show that I need to pay closer attention to Licensing around our products so that I don't mispeak again!  [That's four lashes for me]

I apologize for giving folks the wrong information and hope you can forgive me for my error.  Thanks.

Harold Wong

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