Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 16 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (03-14-07)

Here’s the Q&A Log from Part 16 (OWA) of the 24 Part Exchange 2007 Webcast Series.  As usual, I did my best to clean out the duplicates.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Webcast Series (Part 16 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (03-14-07)

Question: Will the 2003 URL still work for OWA users after I add the first CAS server? We have a single site and plan to use CCR so the mailbox role is going to be on a separate server.

Answer: If you are referring to your URL for the 2003 FE, then yes, it will still work for access to your Exchange 2003 BE servers.

Question: I have heard that OWA 2007 does not provide anyway to access PFs, what is the workaround?

Answer: You are correct.  We are planning to support this with Exchange 2007 SP1.  The only “workaround” I know of is to keep an Exchange 2003 FE server to proxy access to Public Folders.  However, this will be problematic if your user’s mailbox is on an Exchange 2007 Mailbox server.

Question: You will need three certs for owa. outlook anywhere and active sync on a single ISA, right?

Answer: Only if you use three different “Names” to expose the three features.  If you use the same host name, then you only need one certificate.

Question: sp2 for windows 2003 was just released, is Exchange 2007 supported on the new service pack?

Answer: It should be.

Question: How can we access Files and Folders through OWA

Answer: This is a configuration setting on the Exchange server. If there is an attachment, or link in the e-mail, exchange will get the information for the user. This is controlled on a server setting for OWA, and has both Public, or Private network setting – depending on logon authentication.  If enabled, the user will see a “Documents” Link on the left pane (lower left corner) of the OWA Page.

Question: so, http://<servername>/owa will take you to OWA 2007 and http://<servername>/exchange will take you to OWA 2003, correct?

Answer: Yes, that is how it works by default.

Question: Does the junk mail filter work as well on OWA as in the Outlook 2003 or 2007 client?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How do we go about accessing public folders via OWA2007?

Answer: OWA 2007 does not currently support access to Public Folders.  We are planning to support this in Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

Question: How do we do “SSL off-loading” as we are currently doing in Exchange 2003?

Answer: There is an option within the OWA configuration on the Server side in Exchange 2007 to enable this as well.

Question: When I am trying to configure sharepoint access from my outlook 2007 profile is it is not accessible. Any idea why?

Answer: You configure this from the SharePoint Site.  This does require Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).

Question: Does Microsoft feel it’s best practice to make the CAS/HUB server a domain controller/global catalog server to reduce network traffic? Mailbox role is on a separate server.

Answer: Form a security perspective NO, for more information on Deployment see –

Question: How does one configure the Client Access role when they have mutliple A/D Sites but only one mailbox server?

Answer: You only need to implement Client Access servers in AD sites that have a Mailbox server.  If you only have one Mailbox Server in one AD site (even though you may have 30 AD sites total), you only need to implement a minimum of one Client Access server role in the same site that the Mailbox server role is deployed in.  Check out this Planning document talks about where to put servers… –

Question: Can you access other contact folders in the Public folder space like in the outlook client ? Con you address email from them ?

Answer: Currently, we do not support access to Public Folders via OWA in Exchange 2007.  We are looking to support this with Exchange Server 2007 SP1.  Until I see a beta of SP1, I won’t know exactly what features will be exposed in terms of Public Folder Access.

Question: Also I guess Harold also mentioned we can access files and folders using Sharepoint with OWA

Answer: Yes.  If you enable this, then the user would enter the SharePoint site (http://sharepointsite) instead of a file share (\\server\share).

Question: In OWA 2007 there is no way to choose “First week of year”, like it was in earlier version. Will you put that option back in SP1?

Answer: I don’t know what you are referring to.  The options for creating new recurring appointments in OWA 2007 resemble those of Exchange 2003.  I don’t see an option for “First week of year” in Exchange 2003 OWA either.  Am I missing something???

Question: can i preconfigure an home share for the users?

Answer: I’m not sure what you are trying to do here.  You can do this as part of the User properties in AD, but that has nothing to do with Exchange Server or OWA.

Question: In Outlook the Autocomplete cache is stored in a file on the local harddrive. Now when autocomplete works in OWA as well I wonder Where that information is stored

Answer: It is stored as part of the Mailbox profile on the Exchange Server.

Question: Can we edit any shared document?

Answer: Accessing of documents from File Shares and SharePoint sites via OWA in Exchange 2007 is strictly for Read-Only Access.

Question: How do you configure one URL for E2K3 mailboxes and E2K7 mailboxes?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is not something that you can do directly from Exchange 2007. 

Question: where is the possibility to redirect mail in owa ?

Answer: I’m not sure what you want to do in terms of redirecting mail.  You have to option to forward messages.  An administrator can also specify an additional address to send emails to for your mailbox.

Question: If I’m using CCR, can I convert my disks to dynamic disk or do I have to stay with basic b/c of clustering?

Answer: No, you must keep them as basic disks due to the limitations of clustering.

Question: Is there any support for OWA access to file messages into PST files on a file share?

Answer: No.  This has never been supported and I don’t see this capability coming in the future.

Question: Is Contoso hiring?

Answer: Always – J

Question: is there a link for seting up the OWA for the options of public & private rights as well as forcing web rendering of documents

Answer: Please see:

Question: do you need to have the edge server if you have smtp servers from Iron Port

Answer: As mentioned in previous webcasts – Edge Server role is optional, but recommended.

Question: where is the month view in OWA?

Answer: Unfortunately, that is not available in Exchange 2007 OWA.

Question: What third party back up software supports Exchange 2007?


Question: is there a multi center deployment guide for exchange 2007

Answer: The Exchange 2007 deployment documentation can be found here:

Question: Can we change an existing “resource” mailbox so it shows up like the 2007 ones?

Answer: Yes. You do need to use the Exchange Mangement Shell cmdlets to perform this.

Question: Can an administrator populate a shared “favorites” list for internal file shares / sharepoint sites, so users wouldn’t have to always type the URL’s?

Answer: You could do a Group Policy on it and populate their IE Favorites.  If you are referring to the option to access File Shares and SharePoint sites in Exchange 2007 OWA via the Documents link, there is no way to pre-populate that field.

Question: Is this series offered in pod casts or RSS feeds?

Answer: My understanding is that the entire series will eventually be converted to podcast format.

Question: The protocol used is SMB or HTTP when downloading the documents using OWA

Answer: The Client Access server will use SMB to connect to the File server to “grab” the file and then passes it to the client via HTTPS (for OWA).

Question: sometimes on the post Event resources email there is a link to the power point deck and sometimes there is not. Are the ones that are not linked posted somewhere?

Answer: That’s what I’m trying to get “fixed”. The Labcasts will not have a PPT Deck, but all the webcasts should. I’ve been testing myself and found that not all the webcasts have PPT Deck links. That is an issue that I’m working through on the back end. Thanks for your patience.

Question: We’re running Exchange 2007 & 2000 concurrently. How do I move the distribution groups to 2007, or do I even need to?

Answer: There’s no need to do that.

Question: does anyone know the winmsd command in Vista? This command doesn’t work in Vista…

Answer: I honestly can’t remember what information winmsd provided. Have you tried msinfo32 to see if that gives you what you need?

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