Great Sushi Restaurant in Colorado Springs

I don't usually do this, but I just couldn't help myself.  I had dinner at Jun Japanese Restaurant here in Colorado Springs tonight and was totally impressed!!!  I think I just found my favorite Sushi restaurant in Colorado Springs!

I ate at the newer location on 3276 Centennial Boulevard.  My dinner was made by Jun himself and I must say, the quality of the sushi as well as the portion size was just spectacular!

Harold Wong

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  1. Harold Wong says:

    Sushi in Santiago, Chile?  Where was my invite????

    I guess I will start posting about Sushi eateries I like that I find in the different cities I visit.

    Harold Wong

  2. Great post! This is waaaay more important than all that technical dribble about Exchange Server 2007. I had some excellent sushi while I was in Santiago, Chile last week. The interesting thing is that there is currently a 30-day ban on tuna in the country of Chile. Not due to any health reason, but apparently the local fisherman have agreed to sell all of their tuna catch to Japanese fishermen for a better price!! The result: No toro for Kai.

    Look forward to more sushi reviews!

    – Kai

  3. Harold Wong says:

    I don’t usually post about places I eat.  I will eat sushi every chance I get!!!!

    I will have to give Banzai Sushi a try the next time I’m in Denver.  Thanks!

    Harold Wong

  4. Keith Combs says:

    To have Harold indicate he was impressed, and impressed with the portions is saying something.  If you’ve ever seen him eat sushi, you’ll know what I mean.  He eats more sushi (for his size) that anyone I know.  Todd Webb is the only person I’ve ever seen out eat Harold, but Todd is three times his size.

  5. Karine Rivet says:

    Yum!  You’re making me hungry!  In November I tried a conveyor belt type Sushi restaurant in London and absolutely loved it.  I wish we had conveyor belt type Sushi restaurants in Phoenix!

  6. Paul Keyes says:

    You usually don’t eat sushi or post about places you eat? I’m a firm believer that if you find something you think is great you should support it in anyway you can.  I’m going up to Colorado Springs tomorrow for the HP Exchange 2007 Technical Forum.  As a sushi lover I appreciate the recommendation.  

    I’ve only eaten here once but if your ever in Denver: Banzai Sushi  The Toro is the best I’ve ever had outside of Japan.


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