Exchange Server 2007 Series (Part 9 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (02-16-07)

I am sooooo close to getting caught up on cleaning up the Q&A Logs and posting them!!!  Here's the Log file from Part 9 of the Exchange 2007 Webcast Series.  I hope I didn't miss anything. 

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Series (Part 9 of 24) Questions and Answers Log (02-16-07)

Question: I'v installed CCR, after rebooting the active noded , the CCR is still on the passive node. Why? I think it suppose automatically switch back to the active node after rebooting.

Answer: It does not automatically switch back. See also,, for more information on CCR recovery behavior.

Question: Have any issues (compatibility or otherwise) come up with NTBackup and Exchange 2007 databases?

Answer: No, Windows Backups was extensively tested with Exchange 2007 and vice versa.

Question: how to move full-text catalog from it's default location?

Answer: The catalog is stored in the same directory as the database.  You would need to move the database files to another location and the catalog will follow.

Question: we've already registered the SE license key for our Ex2007 install. How can we now register the EE key? Running setup again didn't give the option to enter the new key. Thx.

Answer: You would use the Exchange Management Shell CMDLET, Set-ExchangeServer and specify the ProductKey option.

Question: I don't see the Part 3/4/5/6/ of 24 on the site?

Answer: Part 4,5 & 6 is on Page 2 it was Jan 31, Feb 5, & Feb 7 - Check Link @ -

Question: To get familiar with Powershell, can I install it on WXP SP2?

Answer: Yes,

Question: It has been said in previous webcasts that Edgesync uses both port 50389 (LDAP) and 50636 (LDAPS). I used netmon to capture the Edgesync traffic and it only used 50636. Are both ports really used or is what I'm seeing in netmon correct (only port 50636 used).

Answer: It actually uses both, but only port 50636 is used remotely. 50389 is only used locally by Edge itself to access ADAM.

Question: I have vista ultimate with PowerShell for Vista installed. I am trying to install EMC 2007 and this what I get “Exchange 2007 cannot be used with the version of windows operating system”

Answer: Exchange 2007 is not supported on Vista at this time.  The supported Operating Systems are Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 and  Windows XP SP1.

Question: OK, so basically saying that you have to open port 50389 from Hub to Edge is incorrect (you don't have to open it)?

Answer: Correct; see states this.

Question: I'd like to see a demo of how the GUI can be used to do something, yet the PSH script to do the same command is provided to view.

Answer: I don't know if he has a demo like this planned, but what you do, is: Use the GUI to do a job, say Create a mailbox, the GUI walks you through the process of creating the user. At the very end it creates the new mailbox. Before you click Finish, you get an option to hit Ctrl-C to copy the command to Clipboard, you would then open up Notepad, or Word... and paste the contents, so you can change any variables you just created.

Question: Is there a way within the Exchange GUI to create a user with a mailbox and have the user account placed in an OU other than the builtin Users container?

Answer: Yes, there is a Browse button you use to select the OU. See Step 6 at

Question: at the command what's the different between [PS] and [MSH]

Answer: Prior to it's release, Windows Powershell has several names, including briefly, Microsoft Shell (MSH). When it's final name became Windows Powershell, we changed the prompt to PS. If you see the MSH prompt, you'll know its a pre-RTM build of Windows Powershell.

Question: Harold should use get-PublicFolder "\team project folder"

Answer: Yes, I got lazy and wasn’t paying attention.  Thanks!!

Question: What's the Post Storage Quota used for?

Answer: This applies to individual posts.  You can set one limit for Posts, but a different for the overall on the Folder that holds / stores the posts.

Question: so is the limit on the public folder storge quota able to change or is 1GB the possible limit in Exch

Answer: No, that is not the limit.  I screwed up by not looking at the limit I set at the Public Folder Database (which was 1.8 GB).

Question: Now that Windows Server supports capabilities like Sharepoint Services, is it correct to say that the concept of Public Folders in exchange is becoming somewhat obsolete?

Answer: No, especially not the concept, which among other things, refers to workflow and collaboration. What we're really saying with public folders is this: (1) some organizations will no longer need public folders, and we have built scenarios into Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 in which public folders are not required, (2) public folders are fully supported in Exchange 2007, (3) public folders will likely be in the next version of Exchange (the version after Exchange 2007), although this could change, but it is our position today, and (4) long term, we see Sharepoint as the strategic direction for workflow and collaboration, as well as some of the other functions being serviced by public folders.

Question: ltrivial question; why don't ya'll change the command window with a more pleasant background color, quick edit insert, more lines, etc.?

Answer: The PowerShell background is different, just like the CMD prompt you can change the colors to whatever you want

Question: can someone give me a straight answer as to why I can't get to the OnDemand webcasts using the (<>)? I only have the ID and don’t have the “meeting key”… can someone give me a straight answer as to why I can't get to the OnDemand webcasts using the (<>)? I only have the ID and don’t have the “meeting key”…

Answer: Straight Answer - You don't need a meeting key. Going link I get a list of archived webcasts. I can click on ANY of those, register, and then access them. So I am not sure what issue you are having with seeing the webcasts. I tested this on several of the 24 Hours of Exchange Webcasts.

Question: Is there a comprehensive list of things you cannot do in the GUI compared with the management shell?

Answer: Not yet, but it's being worked on.

Question: how do you output information from the shell to an html file?

Answer: Grab this pack and use Out-html or Out-IE.  You can also use the following after your command: “ | ConvertTo-html | Set-Content C:\data\output.html”.  Substitute the “C:\data\output.html” with the path and file you wish to save to.

Question: How can we get a copy of all the example management shell scripts that he created?

Answer: I really only created one.  I am including below

Write-host “Which would you like to sort by? UserName, ServerName or LogonTime?

[string]$SortBy = Read-host “Sort By:”

Get-LogonStatistics |  Sort-Object $SortBy

Question: can you find by alias name? is that still an important feature in 2007?

Answer: Yes

Question: can you paste the community resources into your answer so we can cut the links?

Answer: I’m not sure what Community Resources you are referring to? - Harold

Question: Are you asking what the maximum quota size is? (I saw 2GB rejected when Harold did a Demo). Now, I understand Max Quota size is ???

Answer: The error during the demo was my fault.  I had a 1.8 GB limit set at the Database Level and therefore no folder could exceed 1.8 GB.  I don’t believe there is a hard limit for a given Public Folder.

Question: What is meant by the term "test Harness"? I can surmise a definition but I would like to understand the context in which the presenter is using it?

Answer: This is in reference to testing the interaction of rules with other defined rules. This way you can "test" rules before you actual enable them.

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