Upcoming TechNet Events in the Desert Mountain Area

I wanted to let everyone know where and when the upcoming TechNet Events will be.  If you go to www.technetevents.com, you will see the list of cities for August 2006 through September 2006.  The remaining ones for Desert Mountain are listed below

Las Vegas, Nevada - August 24, 2006
Colorado Springs, Colorado - September 12, 2006
Denver, Colorado - September 14, 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah - September 28, 2006 (Delivered by Chris Henley)

If you are interested in the cities and dates for October 2006 - December 2006, then please read on.  Please keep in mind that these are not 100% set in stone and may change, but this is what I have listed so far.

Billings, Montana - October 17, 2006
Fort Collins, Colorado - November 2, 2006
Tucson, Arizona - November 28, 2006
Phoenix, Arizona - November 30, 2006
Boulder, Colorado - December 12, 2006
Denver, Colorado - December 14, 2006

The only one I see venue details already set for is Billings, Montana.  If you want to give me input for movie theaters in the other cities for November and December, please email them to me by August 31st.

Harold Wong

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