TechNet Plus Subscription Changes

I just found out today, that there will be some changes to the TechNet Plus Subscription (I know I'm not the first to blog this, but still one of the early ones).

1. On July 28 (if all goes well), a new Benefits Portal will be available for subscribers.  This will give subscribers access to a secure area where they can download all software that is available for evaluation.  You can also view your Product Keys for these non-expiring evaluation copies from this site.

2.  A TechNet Plus Direct Subscription will also be available.  This subscription will cost $349 (US) and will not have any media shipped to you.  Subscribers will download the software from the secure web site (Benefits Portal).  This subscription will be identical in terms of benefits to the main TechNet Plus with the exception of media being shipped to you.  In other words, you will still get the 2 Professional Support Incidents (valued at $490).

If you already have an active TechNet Plus subscription and would like to switch to the Direct subscription, you will get credit for what's remaining on your current subscription.  This credit will be used to extend the timeframe for the Direct subscription.

Also, the original "TechNet Subscription" will no longer be available.

Harold Wong

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