Upcoming TechNet Events

"Harold, when and where will you be delivering your next TechNet Events?"

This is a common question I've gotten recently.  I totally forgot to post my upcoming Events so here goes.

I'll be in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, April 18th and Denver on Thursday, April 20th.  If you are in one of these cities and have not already registered, please hit www.technetevents.com and do so. 

The topics I'll be covering are:

1. Wireless Security
2. Security Incident Response (how to detect hackers in your environment)
3. Security Roadmap

For topic 2, I truly believe you will find it very eye opening and useful!

Harold Wong


Comments (1)

  1. Mr. Mohr says:


    I attended this even in Colorado and enjoyed your presentation.   You really do a fine job and I wanted you to know that your doing an excellent job.

    I have a question for you however.. you said at the presentation that we could get the deck (presentation slides) on this site but I am unable to locate them.  Could you possibly provide me with a link?

    Thanks again!


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