Windows Vista Product Guide

My good buddy (and team mate), Keith Combs, just posted a new entry on his blog that mentions a GREAT Product Guide for Windows Vista!!!  The document is 313 pages long so it's not a small little tiny file, but a large honkin' file!

Evidently, PR has made Keith pull the document from his download site and the document is no longer available.  For those of you who were lucky enough to grab it before this happened, enjoy the document.

Harold Wong


Comments (3)

  1. Brian says:

    If it’s really from his home connection, he does have a fast connection…Downloaded the file in about 1 min. 20 seconds.

  2. Harold Wong says:

    Yeah, I took a closer look at the download link.  Keith did not post it on his own server, but on his WINISP account.

    He had originally posted it on his personal FTP server, but that didn’t work out.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Actually, I never posted it on my personal server.  I don’t want everyone burning up my hard drives.

    My fiber connection is 15meg/2meg.  The winisp servers have better connectivity so I dropped it to my area there.

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