TechNet Event in Phoenix on March 21st, 2006

We had a great TechNet Event in Phoenix this past week on March 21st.  Unfortnately, we had TechNet DVDs to hand out to any of the attendees as we were given the wrong box of DVDs.  We ended up having a bunch of DVDs from the Best of Launch Events from November and December of 2005 which were passed out to everyone - these DVDs are yellowish-orange.  I am working with management to get this resolved.  Please stay tuned and check back on my blog for directions on how to get your TechNet DVD from Tuesday's event.

I also had one question that required research.

Question: What is the maximum bootable NTFS partition size supported by Windows Server 2003?

I will get answers for both the DVD issue and the question soon.  Thanks!

Harold Wong

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